Titans a Top Pick for Week 5 Defensive Streaming


Week Two Streaming Results

Seahawks – 6 points
Browns – -3 points
Lions – 0 points

The Seahawks put up a serviceable week but the Browns…wow that got out of hand fast. Also, I’ll never forsake the Bills ever again. Speaking of…

Titans @ Bills

As I said…The Bills just gave up 7 sacks, a fumble, and 2 interceptions to the Packers and the Titans arguably have a better front 7. They’re under 40% owned so more than likely they are sitting on your waiver wire. Go put in a claim and thank me later.

Panthers vs Giants

The Panthers are another defense that is likely on your waiver wire due to their bye week in week 4. They put up 13 fantasy points against the Cowboys and 9 against the Bengals and now face a Giants team already displaying internal turmoil. Eli Manning has already been sacked 15 times through 4 games and it seems as though they are using Odell Beckham Jr. in the worst way imaginable. Should be a good day for Luke Kuechly and company.

49ers vs Cardinals

Deeper play is the 49ers defense against the Cardinals. If you’re a Cardinals fan, look away. The Cardinals offense has surrendered 8 sacks, 5 interceptions and a fumble. They are averaging just 220.8 YPG good for 31st in passing and rushing and dead last in overall offense. Against this offense and a rookie quarterback in Josh Rosen any defense is going to shine.

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