Defensive Streaming Options for Week 8


Chiefs vs. Broncos

Yes the Chiefs are at the bottom of the league defensively in all categories (and in fact at the bottom against the pass and receivers) but division games are always tough, they’re at home where they have an exceptional stadium advantage, and frankly the Broncos are a mess. They just cut their rookie quarterback Chad Kelly who was several Case Keenum snaps away from starting, they just made the news for wearing cocaine themed halloween costumes(which is a tad over blown but still another distraction), there are rumors of them shopping their defensive captain, and Keenum himself has been pretty bad throwing 9 interceptions and fumbling 4 times.

Steelers vs. Browns

A theme this week is the rivalry games. Hue Jackson continues to be a terrible coach and I secretly think Todd Haley is sabotaging his play-calling (alright maybe I only slightly think this). Mayfield has been good but not great and in typical rookie fashion has struggled with the turnovers throwing 5 interceptions and fumbling 4 times. The Browns have not won in Pittsburgh since 2003.

Cardinals vs. 49ers

A deeper play is the Cardinals against the 49ers in, you guessed it, a rivalry game. Both of these teams are bad and we’re all hoping the Cardinals get a boost with the firing of McCoy. The 49ers have turned the ball over 19 times so far this year, good for nearly 3 a game. This game also has the smallest O/U of the week at just 41.

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