Buy Tyler Boyd, Sell Le’Veon Bell (and Other Buy Sell Holds After Week 5)

Le'Veon Bell Fantasy Hard Knocks


Kenny Stills –

Stills hasn’t really produced since his week 1 explosion but he is still the #1 on his team even if it is the Dolphins & his aDOT (average Depth of Target) is a whopping 18.50. He’s also got a better schedule moving forward specifically in the playoff weeks when he sees the Patriots, Vikings, and Jaguars. Be patient with Stills on your bench for now.

Emmanuel Sanders –

He’s getting mediocre quarterback play so far this year which might lead you to unload him but holding is more likely the play here. He’ll see one of the better schedules moving forward seeing a banged up Rams secondary this week and then get shots at Chiefs, Texans, Chargers, Steelers, Browns, and Raiders. He’s still seeing the most targets on his team and has the best hands on the team and could be a league winner with his week 14 and 15 opponents.


Le’Veon Bell –

You’ve been holding Bell all this time waiting for any word of a return and now here we are within earshot of a potential return and I’m telling you to trade him. Why? For starters we don’t know for sure he will return and even if he does do we know for sure he’s going to dominate snaps right off the bat? James Conner has been excellent nearly every week and it seems to me to be clear that the Steelers should and will move on after 2018. All this doesn’t even factor in the Steelers schedule where he’ll face some tough run defenses including the Saints in championship week. His trade value may never be higher and could get you a good haul to bolster your team for the stretch run.

Derrick Henry / Dion Lewis –

They’re in a clear time share(65 / 55 attempts) and neither is producing even flex spot numbers. In PPR leagues Lewis could potentially have some value but he’s so up and down as well to start the year that he’s basically a hail mary play on a bye week pinch. The Titans are also 26th overall in total offense so they both have low floors on a week to week basis. No thanks.

Jamison Crowder –

Another offense ranked at the bottom in total offense(29th) are the Redskins. And even when he leads his team in yardage it’s for 55 yards. Grab a high upside player off waivers and say goodbye to the inept Redskins offense.


A.J. Green / Tyler Boyd –

Boyd is likely the easier of the two to buy given the name recognition of Green, the low output in week 5, and the lack of a long history of production may have some owners not fully buying in but over the next three weeks the Bengals face the Steelers, Chiefs, and Buccaneers who rank 30, 32, and 29 in passing defense through 5 weeks. Green and Boyd are averaging nearly identical Air Yards per game(76.6 / 76.4), targets(8.8 / 8.6), aDOT(8.71 / 9.47), receptions(5.4 / 6.0), and yards (85.0 / 78.6) over the first 5 games.

David Njoku –

I’d be beating a dead horse if I mentioned Jarvis Landry here again so I’ve decided to focus on Njoku. Given the state of the tight end position this year it’s no surprise people would be jumping at the opportunity to own anyone with a glimmer of hope at producing. With the changing of the guard to Baker Mayfield Njoku’s stock has risen and has seen 18 targets over the last 2 weeks. Much like the Bengals the Browns schedule is another reason Njoku should produce seeing a great 5 week stretch against the Chargers, Buccaneers, Steelers, Chiefs, and Falcons.

D.J. Moore –

I bought really hard into the D.J. Moore hype train to start the season only to find out Ron Rivera is legally blind and no one told him Moore was good. His snaps have been limited and he saw only 5 catches over the first 3 games but coming off the bye week he caught 4 balls, nearly doubling his output for the year. If he continues to be the 3rd or 4th option in the passing game he’ll see a weak corner every week including against the Redskins this week who just got lit up by Tre’Quan Smith of the Saints. In weeks 9 and 10 he’ll face the Buccaneers and Steelers but at that point it will likely be to late to buy in so do it now.

Aaron Jones –

Jones was mentioned in last weeks column so he’s a bonus in this weeks article. A continued split this week against the Lions in a negative game script ruined his coming out party for 2018 but trust this, the window is closing to get Aaron at a reasonable price. Jones is still averaging 6.1 yards per carry while his true counterpart is averaging just 3.7. You would think logic and a set of working eyes alone would propel Jones into the lead role for good soon.

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