Tyler Eifert Among the Best Streaming Options for Week 4


Week 3 Streaming Results

Jesse James – 1.7 points
Ricky Seals-Jones – 10.5 points
Tyler Eifert – 13.4 points

We hit pay dirt with Seals-Jones and Eifert, both finishing as TE1 in week 3.

Tyler Eifert

I’m going back to the well with Eifert and not just because he came to life in week 3 but A.J. Green left the game with a groin injury. If he can’t go Eifert gets an immediate boost. The other reason to like Eifert this week is the Falcons have lost a starting linebacker and both starting safeties to injury already this year. Just like Andy Dalton, Eifert could be in line for 5 strong weeks from week 4 to week 8.

Dallas Goedart

Goedart saw his snap rate rise from 17 each of the first two weeks to 55 in week 3 with the return of Carson Wentz. Goedert reminds me of Rob Gronkowski with his size and athleticism but has work to do on the blocking side of things. All that to say, if he’s out there he’s most likely running routes as opposed to blocking. He gets a decent matchup this week against a struggling Titans team that Wentz should be able to carve up.

Mike Gesicki

A deeper play this week is Gesicki who faces the Patriots. Gesicki has seen his snap rate steadily increase from 34% to 55% to 61% over the first 3 weeks and is now out snapping A.J. Derby 2:1. The Patriots defense is pathetic so far and Donta Hightower looks like he’s running through wet cement in the middle of the field. Gesicki should see some nice opportunity to produce this week against the Patriots.

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