Seahawks in an Excellent Spot for Defensive Streaming in Week 4


Week Two Streaming Results

Browns – 11 points
Cardinals – 8 points
Cowboys – 4 points

The Browns finished tied for 5th in defensive points for week 3.

Seahawks @ Cardinals

Josh Rosen has been named the Cardinals starting quarterback but that doesn’t change the fact that their offensive line is one of the worst in the league, or the fact that the coaching staff is…you guessed it, one of the worst in the league. In the little over 2 minutes that Rosen played in week 3 he managed to take a sack and get intercepted. The Seahawks also saw a rejuvenated Earl Thomas in week 3. It could be a long day for Rosen this week.

Browns @ Raiders

The Browns have quietly put up 3 great defensive weeks and get the Raiders next, who are just as dysfunctional as when Al Davis was alive. Greg Williams is an ass but he does know how to coach defense. The Browns got a spark when Baker Mayfield entered the game in week 3 and I look for that to continue this week as they try to string together 2 straight wins.

Lions @ Cowboys

Dak Prescott has not thrown for 200 yards in a game yet this season, their offensive line is still broken, and their coach is still Jason Garrett. The Lions are coming off an emotional win against the Patriots and will look to carry that momentum forward. They held Tom Brady to just 133 yards and a touchdown. Could Prescott be held under 100?

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