Making the Case: Could the Browns take 2 QBs?

Before take shaming me, hear the logic and also understand that it’s not what I would do. In fact, if I were running the Cleveland Browns I’d use a couple of those 2nd and 3rd round picks on upside QB’s to develop over the next couple of years. But could they take 2 QB’s and would it make sense?

There doesn’t seem to be a consensus #1 QB in the draft this year, with a lot of scouts mixed on who they view as the top QB pick. But what is clear, for the Browns, is they have lacked that QB for decades. Having traded for Tyrod Taylor, I believe people will be pleasantly surprised by their play game in and game out. Taylor is a gamer who can move the pocket with his legs and the Browns have surrounded him with enumerable talent at the skill positions.

When the Browns signed Carlos Hyde this past week it slowed down the momentum for Saquon Barkley at #1. Picking a RB there is preposterous and I’m glad it stopped the talk, given their shelf life in the NFL. But it did raise the thought of the 2 QB draft.

The last two drafts(2016/2017) had the same conundrum at the position. In 2016 Wentz and Goff weren’t clear #1’s and in 2017 Trubisky wasn’t either, with Mahomes going 10th and Watson going 12th overall. With a year in the books Watson appears to be the head of that class but there’s still a lot to be written.

On top of that unknown you have the lack of quality starters, the ever increasing cap number, and the frenzy of contracts given out to perspective and proven QB’s in the league. Just look at the last few months:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo – $137.5m/27.5m per yr
  • Alex Smith – $94m/23.5m per yer
  • Kirk Cousins – $84m/$28m per yr
  • Sam Bradford – $20m
  • Case Keenum – $36m/$18m per year
  • Blake Bortles – $54m/$18m per year


None have won a championship yet the courtship for their services was intense. Jimmy G is the outlier here, a young up and coming QB but I have added him here for a particular point. We all know the Patriots could have gotten much more for him had they shopped it, and thats my point for the two QB draft.

Over the 5 years of picks 1 and 4’s rookie contracts the Browns will pay somewhere around $60m, probably just north of that. An AAV of $6m for each. If you hit on both(for example Wentz/Goff) you not only have your QB but you have one that should give you a treasure trove of wealth back in a trade towards a draft class you like more. If you hit on just one, you have your QB and at worst $12m annually towards QB’s(not including Taylors current contract).

The point being, if you want your QB, are torn between several, and are in a good place with your other key positions it could make sense to approach it this way, especially when you hold so many picks this year to fill your other needs.

Personally, I’d load up on 2 franchise defensive players or a can’t miss LT and draft a QB or two in rounds 2-3 but the potential for a 1-4 QB shouldn’t be overlooked by a QB starved franchise.

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